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Asian Empire, Noida

At Sector 72, Noida.

It had been a long time since I had some Sushis, so I planned to have some for dinner. There was only one place near my home which delivered Sushi - Asian Empire.

The packaging was proper and the delivery by Zomato was on time. We ordered 3 types of Sushi & a platter, which had 4 types of Dim Sums.

The Sushis -

• Asparagus Tempura Roll

• Fotu Maki Veg

• California Roll Veg

I've eaten Sushi before and these ones from Asian Empire tasted exactly the same. But soon I realised why it isn't my cup of tea. I'm not used to its bland taste and I don't like Soy Sauce. I'm never impressed with these sticky rice stuff. But as for the Sushi goes, it was exactly as it is supposed to be. I know this because I've made some during my college days before.

The Dim Sums -

• Classic Crystal Veg Dim Sum

• Corn, Asian Vegetable & Water Chestnut

• Veg Momos

• Whole Wheat Dim Sum

These Dim Sums were nice though. All of them tasted good and I got to try the Water Chestnut Dim Sum for the first time! :D

Honey Chilli Potato -

This one was great. The taste was good as well. The portion was sufficient enough for 3 people. If you like Chilli Potato, then you should definitely order this from here.


If you like Sushi and other Asian dishes, then you can try this place out!

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