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Capoor and Sons, Lucknow

At Hazratganj, Lucknow.

My friend’s birthday treat was pending, so he asked me to choose a place for lunch. After going through my bookmark list on Zomato, I chose this restro for the occasion. Situated in the lanes, this place can be easily found with the help of Google maps.

The ambience is cool and gives a positive vibe about the place itself. We sat, got the menus and started ordering. So, we ordered Virgin Mojito, Spicy Masala Coke, Classic Iced Tea, Half & Half Pizza, Chicken Bombers & Harissa Chicken Pizza.

Let’s start with the beverages,

Virgin Mojito: I have a habit of ordering this mocktail whenever I visit any restro. I feel that it is the safest mocktail I can have especially when visiting a new place, because I know its taste and how it is made. The one served here looked great & the fresh mint leaves on top looked very appealing too. When it comes to taste, it was too minty and sweet. The sour taste of lemon was nowhere to be found.

Spicy Masala Coke: I used to have Masala Coke/Thumbs Up during my schooldays & I instantly decided to order this drink when I read on the menu. Well, this beverage didn’t disappoint me as it was really good. A perfect amount of masala was added to Coke due to which I got the taste of both the soft drink & masala.

Classic Iced Tea: As I’m not a tea lover, my friend ordered this drink for himself. According to him, the drink was ok. It wasn’t like any regular Iced Tea; the taste was a bit different and the flavour was not blending well with the ice.

Onto the food,

Chicken Bombers: Capoor & Sons speciality bombers are made with Chicken & Cheese stuffed inside Mashed Potatoes and crumb fried. I was already drooling while reading this on the menu. The ball-shaped bombers were served along with Fries and two sauces (Cocktail and Tartar Sauce). I must say that this dish was BOMB! It was so tasty, and the chicken/ cheese combo won my heart (Even though I don’t like cheese much). Much recommended dish!

Half & Half Pizza: This pizza consists of any two Pizza flavours into one pizza. We chose Angry Bird (Spicy Chicken Tikka, Onion & Capsicum) and BBQ Chicken (Chicken strips in delectable Barbeque sauce).

To be honest, this was one of the best pizzas I had in months! With the thin crust, generous toppings & lovely amount of cheese all over it, what more can you ask for! We loved the pizza so much that ordered another one but with a different topping.

Harissa Chicken Pizza: Chicken strips in Spicy Harissa Sauce. Just quick info, Harissa Sauce is made of chillis blended into a thick paste with garlic, olive oil, and aromatic spices such as caraway and coriander. This was the first time I was having Harissa Chicken Pizza and I loved it.

Well, I’ve been to a lot of places that serve great pizzas. This place has been added to that list.

Service was a bit slow but when the food is this good, you don’t care much about it.


Food: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 3/5


I would recommend this place for its great pizzas and I will really visit Capoor & Sons again for more beverages & dishes too!

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