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Handcrafted Cafe and Roastery, Bhopal

At Hoshangabad Road, Bhopal

On my recent visit to Bhopal, I went through the chilly winters there as compared to a not-so-cold one in Bangalore. This definitely called for some hot coffee. I visited Cafe Handcrafted on my mom’s recommendation and also it was near my house.

Situated along the main Hoshangabad Road, this Cafe is easy to reach. The ambience of the place is very classy, neat & is well light up. Even though it has limited seating.

NOTE: This is the final review after my numerous visits to this place.

The major highlight for me is that they have a Coffee Roasting Machine & they roast their own coffee! This already makes it a perfect cafe :)

Here’s what we had ordered.

Cappuccino: An espresso-based coffee drink that everyone loves. The hot aroma of this drink blew me away. Such amazing roasted coffee made into a wonderful beverage.

Iced Latte: The latte is one of the most iconic espresso drinks, favoured for its frothy foam topping. The Iced version here had a bit of chocolate and it enhanced the overall flavour of the drink.

Iced Americano: This beverage is made by pouring cold water, over ice followed by shots of espresso. The one served here was wonderful and reminded me again why this is my favourite coffee drink.

Alfredo Penne Pasta: A very general pasta which the majority of people love. This white sauce penne pasta was lip-smacking. The Italian flavoured creamy white sauce was rich and gave the whole dish a wonderful flavour.

Pita Bread with 3 Mezze Dips: Fresh Pita bread served with a trifecta of dips; Homemade Hummus, Labne Cheese (A Mediterranean style cream cheese) & Tahina (A sesame based sauce dip). This dish was okayish in taste. The hummus lacked that smooth texture but it didn’t ruin the whole palate though.

Aglio e Olio: This is made by lightly sauteeing sliced garlic in olive oil, sometimes with the addition of dried red chilli flakes, and tossing with spaghetti. The one served was really good. The best dish I’ve had at this place.

Spinach & Corn Pizza: A thin crust pizza with a topping of spinach, corn and cheese. This pizza was good too.

Eggs Kejriwal: Sunnyside eggs served on Spicy Chilli Cheese toast with a side of Potato Wedges. A perfect breakfast option here. The Chilli toast was just amazing.

French Style Mushroom & Cheese: French-style Omelette served with a side of toast, Hash Browns & grilled tomatoes. Another breakfast option was great too.

Blueberry Cheesecake: Being one of my favourite dessert items, I couldn’t miss this here and trust me, this is the best Blueberry Cheesecake I’ve eaten to date. I loved it so much that took two of these jars along with me to Bangalore.

The service is quick too.

Mr Naveen (Cafe’s owner) brought his experience from the F&B Industry & opened this Cafe with a unique touch that you can rarely find anywhere. The knowledge of Coffee & creating beautiful beverages is really exceptional. The food also surprised us and left us wanting more. Kudos!


Food: 4/5 Ambience: 3/5 Service: 4/5


One of the best Cafes I’ve visited and I do recommend this gem in Bhopal. A must visit.

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