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Haristo Pizzeria, Noida

At Sector 72, Noida.

It was planned to order from Haristo Pizzeria as I wanted to have a good Pasta & this place has a good rating on Zomato too. But seeing the variety of their Chinese cuisine menu, some oriental dishes were ordered as well.

The delivery was on time and the packaging was good. Here are the dishes ordered;

Broccoli Manchurian: As I have a Soy Sauce allergy, I generally don't have Manchurian or any similar dishes which have the sauce in them. I was expecting this dish to be usual Manchurian which you get everywhere but oh boy, I was so wrong. I loved Broccoli Manchurian very much! Broccolis and the other veggies tasted so good and it never felt that it contained Soy Sauce in an extra amount. I would definitely recommend this dish :D

Veggies in Hot Garlic Sauce: This dish has an array of vegetables that are cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce. The curry gets its heat from garlic, red chilli sauce, red pepper flakes, and a little sweetness from tomato ketchup and brown sugar. This tasted good as well.

Arrabiata Penne Pasta: This was easily my dish of the day. After such a long time, I finally had a good Arrabiata pasta. The sauce for this pasta was perfect! This will be my frequent ordered dish for Haristo Pizzeria from now :D

Veg Butter Garlic Noodles: A popular Chinese Noodles cooked along with Garlic in Butter. This also tasted good too.

Veg Fried Rice: Simple fried rice with veggies. This Fried Rice went really well along with Hot Garlic Sauce. An amazing combo.

Coke Fusion Mojito, Mango Mint Mojito & Masala Lemonade:

Coke Mojito was just Coca Cola with Lemon and Mint. Nothing much of a difference in the taste. Mango Mint Mojito was too sweet for my liking. I think the mango pulp was in excess amount. Masala Lemonade was just like I expected, so no problem there.


A recommended place if you want to have either Italian or Chinese dishes. I would like to try the Non-Veg dishes from this place sometime soon.

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