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Karigari, Noida

At Sector 51 Metro Station, Noida.

Another place I had on my wishlist as I am a fan of Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi and having visited one of his restaurants before (Twist of Tadka in Bhopal). It was a quick decision for me to have lunch at Karigari. Plus, it's been so long since I went out and had lunch/dinner at a new place .😅

Karigari can be spotted easily at Sector 51 Noida Metro Station, which makes it easily accessible if you are coming here by car or even by metro. You can find a parking space behind the metro building as well.

The ambience of the place is beautiful. It gives off the vibe of a modern Indian restaurant (which this is). There is enough seating available on both the ground and the top floor, with an open bar near the entrance.

Here's what I had;

Sole Fish Tikka

Traditional Amritsari Fish tikka with a hint of mustard and traditional Punjabi masala.

I love tikkas and fish tikkas are something I try for sure if the place is serving them. Here the tikkas were amazing! They were soft and the fish tasted good and fresh.

Ambaleywala Tariwala Murgh

I wanted to try Chef’s recommended chicken curry and it didn’t disappoint. The gravy was flavourful, not too spicy or too tangy, it hit the right spot. But don’t expect something mind-blowing here. A good combo with Jeera Rice.

Missi Roti & Garlic Naan with some Jeera Rice

Both Garlic Naan & Missi Rotis were great. Nowadays I don’t order Naans much because of how quickly it becomes stretchy due to the cold weather and I’ve had some bad experiences at other places too, so I usually avoid them. But the Garlic Naan served here were the one to crave for! If you are a fan of Naans, it’s a must-have here and if you don’t like Naans, try them nevertheless. 😄

Meerut Wali Shikanji

Just a normal drink in which the shikanji powder was added to a glass of soda. Not a bad drink but not great either. Helped in digestion though.👌🏽


Right off the bat, you’ll know that the service is slow here. I had a similar experience at Twist of Tadka, in Bhopal too. In short, it was very slow and the servers felt clueless about what to do next. This was the case even during a weekday lunch and there wasn’t any rush at that time.

TBFC Score: 3.5/5

If you want to have some good Indian food around sector 51-52 in Noida, you can drop in at Karigari for lunch/dinner!


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