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At Chowk, Lucknow.

One fine day I decided to visit Chowk with my family. We roamed around there till 3 pm and decided to visit Mubeen’s for lunch. Situated in a very narrow lane, you’ll need some help from auto waalas or GPS to find it. The ambience is ok, not very good. But the seating space consists of two floors.

We ordered Sheermal, Roomali Roti, Pasanda Kebab, Chicken Korma, Mutton Nihari and Chicken Biryani.

Sheermal and Roomali Roti: Both the Roti’s were good. Now whenever I go out to eat, I always order Sheermal because I have started enjoying it!

Pasanda Kebab: A Chicken Kebab which is served just like Chicken Tikka, with Chaat Masala on the top. The Kebabs were really good! I ate it along with Sheermal. Tasted very good!

Chicken Korma: It is a dish of chicken braised in a spiced sauce made with yoghurt, cream, nut or seed paste. There are various versions of this dish. The one served here was ok-ok.

Mutton Nihari: Nihari is a stew consisting of slow-cooked meat mainly beef or lamb along with bone marrow. Here, Mutton Nihari was a bit spicy and tasted great! A MUST have here!

Chicken Biryani: Biryani is loved by everyone, I assume. So, when you visit any restro which serves Non-Veg dishes and is famous for that, it is a must to order a Biryani. I ordered Chicken Biryani here and the one which was served here was really yum! Lucknow is famous for its Non-Veg cuisine and the Biryani served here is too damn great!


Food: 4/5

Ambience: 3/5

Service: 4/5


When visiting Chowk, this is the best place to have a good meal. Waiting for the next visit!

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