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Nagarjuna, Bangalore

At Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

After hearing heaps of praises from my friends for Nagarjuna, I added this place to my bookmark list. So, one weekend I decided to try this out, along with my family. Situated at Bannerghatta Road, opposite Brand Factory and above KFC/Tanishq showroom, it’s easy to spot this restaurant.

The ambience of the place is good and they have a huge seating space. There is also a separate area for AC seating, which if want, you could opt for. It is known for its Andhra delicacies, you would notice they use Banana leaves instead of plates, which is too cool. From the moment you sit to order, you would get those feels :)

Here’s what we ordered. Chicken Nagarjuna Roast, Prawn Pepper Fry, Chicken Fry, Chicken Nagarjuna Gravy & Chicken Biryani along with some Tandoori Rotis and Buttermilk.

Chicken Nagarjuna Roast: This starter was damn good! Chicken is ghee roasted along with some spices and curry leaves. The only non-spicy dish among the whole meal and it was the best. Recommended.

Prawn Pepper Fry: Prawns cooked in black pepper sauce. If you are a prawn lover, then you’ll like this dish. The black pepper sauce tasted too good with prawns and its smokiness will get to your palette.

Chicken Fry: Andhra style chicken starter which was semi-dry and spicy. Much similar to Bhuna Murgh but instead, Andhra spices were used.

Chicken Nagarjuna Gravy: This coriander flavoured Chicken gravy is a must-have here. Best to eat, along with some Tandoori Rotis.

Chicken Biryani: Generally, in South India, you get biryanis which are way too spicy and less in flavour (my opinion). Being a Lucknawi, I’ve been a Biryani lover all my life. I ordered the Chicken Biryani here to have a taste and hoped it to be different from what I’ve had in Bangalore & Mumbai to date. Honestly, I was very surprised that the Biryani here, was really good and it was full of flavour. The Chicken was cooked very nicely, along with the spices, as it should be. Amazing.

The service was super fast here. Just Brilliant! Our table server, Ishwar, was quick and very humble.


Food: 4/5 Ambience: 4/5 Service: 4.5/5

TBFC's SCORE: 4.5/5

I’m a fan of Andhra cuisine now. Thanks a lot, Nagarjuna, for such an amazing experience. I would truly recommend this place if you are craving a good Andhra Cuisine meal in Bangalore.

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