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Soi, Goa

Situated near Candolim Beach & Agouda Fort.

Our search for an authentic Goan lunch brought us to Soi. As we were staying in Candolim, we found this place on Zomato. We reached the restaurant by 1-1.30 PM. Parking around this place might be tricky as there isn't a dedicated spot but luckily, we easily parked our car, as the area wasn't crowded during that time.

Soi's ambience is cool. We found ourselves a seat pretty quickly. I asked the server regarding their special seafood thali that Soi has and due to monsoon season, they only had Kingfish. So, here's what we ordered for lunch:

Kingfish Thali:

This thali consisted of a Kingfish Rawa Fry, Vindaloo (curry), Salad, Prawns (I don't remember the name of the dish), Steamed Rice & Sol Kadi (drink).

Everything tasted nice. A proper meal for one person for sure!

Kingfish Fry:

This starter was good. The pieces were huge and were enough for 2 people at least. The Kingfish tasted fresh! It was the first time I had kingfish and I really liked it 👌🏼

Chicken Xacuti:

A thick Goan gravy made with grated coconut and special homemade masala. This is totally recommended for everyone here. I had tried this dish before and the one served here was really great. We had this along with Pao and steamed rice. A perfect combo meal for lunch 🙂

Steamed Rice & Bread Basket: The bread basket had 2 types of bread: Pao and Poi. I had an idea of what Pao is (obviously) but Poi was new to me...and Oh my God! I loved it sooo much! Well, I would totally recommend ordering Poi along with any gravy dish here. It goes so well along with it and tastes great too! Basmati steam rice was served along with it.

Fresh Lime Soda:

The best drink to have with a heavy meal like we had here. I had ordered Coca-Cola for myself though. 😄


Definitely, a go-to place to have an amazing Goan meal with friends and family!


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