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T3 Rolls and Momos

At Sector 72, Noida.

I was craving some good rolls for dinner, so I thought of ordering some Rolls from a new place which I haven't tried yet. I found 'T3 Rolls & Momos' on Zomato and decided to order rolls from this place due to its good rating. The delivery was quick and the packaging was good.

Here's what we ordered:

Bhuna Chicken Roll: This roll was a bit spicy but it was expected as Bhuna Chicken is made with spicy masala. It tasted good as well.

Chicken Galouti Kebab Roll: I ordered this just to try how the kebab would taste like in a roll here. I've had a lot of Kebab Rolls in Lucknow before, so I really wanted to try this one. The taste was quite good, even though it was a bit dry.

Crispy Chicken Roll: I liked this roll as it had fried and crispy chicken along with nice sauces. Totally recommended here.

Butter Chicken Roll: This was a total gamble from my end. I don't like the Butter Chicken served in Delhi as they all taste sweet to me. I just 'hoped' that this roll might not taste sweet ;D

Well, atleast, I wasn't disappointed. I liked the taste of the roll and the sauce/gravy of Butter Chicken was quite good as well.

Chicken Steamed Momos: I always prefer steamed chicken momos as it is generally similar everywhere it is served. Even the one served here, tasted good. Nothing out of the box or astonishing though. If you like momos, then you can definitely order them here.

Chicken Momos in Manchurian Sauce: If you love Manchurian and momos, this is highly recommended :)


Craving for Rolls and Momos? T3 Rolls & Momos won't disappoint!

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