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The Good Bowl, Noida

At Sector 41, Noida.

My family decided to order Indian combo meals for dinner. As I've had food from The Good Bowl earlier, I wanted to order from this place again. The packaging was good and the food was delivered on time by Zomato.

Here's what we ordered -

Paneer Tikka Rice Bowl: Paneer Tikka in Mughlai gravy served with rice. This combo was good and I really loved it! I would recommend this combo if you are a Paneer lover.

Mughlai Falafel Rice Bowl: Crispy Falafels in Mughlai gravy served with rice and salad. This was the most surprising one. I expected it to be ok but this turned out to be genuinely good! Amazing combo :)

Palak Paneer Rice Bowl: Paneer cooked in a spiced spinach gravy is served over a bowl of piping hot steamed rice. The gravy wasn't exactly 'green', it was more of brownish green and due to this, it was difficult to differentiate this combo from the others which we ordered. The taste was ok though, not that interesting.

Dal Makhani Rice Bowl: If you are a Dal Makhani lover, trust me, you have to order this one. You won't be disappointed ;)

Falafel Shots with Mint Mayo: Crispy Falafels served along with Mint Mojito. A great snack you can order along with these combo meals.

Swig Jeera, Coke & Mint Chaas: Mint Chaas was good and the other drinks were as usual. I would still prefer Coke over Swig Jeera.


If you love combo meals, then you should definitely order from The Good Bowl!

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