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Yummy Chinese, Noida

At Sector 72, Noida.

Another Chinese meal was decided for dinner by my family and having a good rating on Zomato, we ordered some Chinese and Thai dishes from Yummy Chinese.

Veg Chinese Platter: Veg Fried Rice, Veg Manchurian Gravy, Veg Spring Roll & Crispy Chilli Paneer. Veg Manchurian was a bit spicy but tasted good whereas the Spring Rolls were just okay-ish in taste. The Chilli Paneer and Fried Rice were brilliant!

Veg Thai Red Curry and Veg Basil Rice: Being a fan of Thai Curries, it was a quick decision to order this dish. It had been a long time since I had Thai Curry from a restaurant and the one we ordered from this place was really good!

The combo with the Veg Basil Rice was awesome. I would definitely recommend these dishes :)

Veg Momos Meal: Veg Steamed Momos [3 Pieces], Veg Fried Momos [3 Pieces] & Veg Chilli Momos [3 Pieces]

All of the momos were really good but I would prefer Steamed Momos every time :)


Yummy Chinese might be my go-to place for great Chinese food now!

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