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Baatla House

At Indira Nagar, Lucknow.

When I visited The Veggie Food Festival in Lucknow a few months back, the best thing in the whole festival, for me, were the Mocktails of Baatla House. I had their Mint Virgin Mojito and Chilli Beetroot Mojito and from that day onwards, I was a fan of their beverages. It was such an awesome experience.

After a couple of weeks passed, I saw a hoarding of Baatla House above a closed shop near my house in Indira Nagar. I was so excited that every day I would go past that shop just to see when it was going to be opened. Finally, my excitement came to rest when this place was officially opened in September. So, I visited Baatla House on the next day of its opening and met these two gentlemen, Mr Harshul Gupta and Mr Raunak Agarhari who are the owners of this place. I told them about my experience at the Food Festival and they also introduced me to their vast beverage menu. Baatla House is a beverage-only startup from Lucknow and they are trying on more different beverages, other than the mentioned ones on the menu.

I tried the Chilli Beetroot Mocktail again (now known as Purple Spiced Mojito) and it was much tastier than before!

From my many visits to this place, I’ve tried all their Mojitos and some of the other beverages too.

Purple Spiced Mojito: This Mocktail was the one that made me a fan of this place. It is a Mocktail containing Beetroot and Chilli powdered mixture which is then mixed into a Mojito (containing Lemon, Mint, Soda etc). Health-conscious people would love this drink too!!

Iraqian Beer Mojito: A Mocktail having beer flavouring. This is my favourite drink from this place. I had never tasted Beer before and I think this drink was the right start.

Iced Tea Mojito: Iced Tea flavoured Mocktail. Even the Non – Tea lovers will love it too!

Cuban Virgin Mojito: Mint flavoured Virgin Mojito. A strong minty flavour is very refreshing!

Mango Mojito: Mojito containing Mango pulp. Especially, made for the kids, this drink is lovable by everyone (including me!).

Types of cold coffee served here are: Tropical Himalayan, Dark Himalayan, Greek Butter, Egyptian Caramel, Hazelnut Mountain.

Hot coffees include Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha and Caramel Latte.

There are also many options in Iced Teas and Thick Milk Shakes too.


I would really like to recommend this amazing place to everyone who would love to have some great beverages. I’m a frequent customer now, and every time I try something new, I never get disappointed.

(This is a non paid review. As this is a personal blog, I write reviews from my own perspective.)

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