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Barcelos, Lucknow

At One Awadh Center Mall, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

Finally, after a usual hectic college routine, I got time to go out for lunch to check out this new place. As a Chicken lover, I was very keen to visit Barcelos since the time I heard that it is now opened in Lucknow!

So, by not wasting any of my weekend time further, I decided to visit this place, which is opened at One Awadh Center Mall, for lunch with my friend.

The ambience here was really cool and nice.

Since this is a South African chain and is famous for its variety of amazing Chicken Wings, for me, it became quite mandatory to order one.

So we went ahead by ordering BBQ Chicken Wings, Trio Chicken Wings Meal & Classic Neapolitan Chicken pasta.

There were these 4 different varieties of Peri Peri Sauces placed on our table and all were lovely, especially the Lemon one and I would honestly recommend anyone who goes here, to definitely try these.

Now coming back to my order:

BBQ Chicken Wings: American styled Chicken Wings glazed with Barcelo’s house-made BBQ sauce, served with Peri Mayo. These wings were amazing! The Sesame seeds sprinkled on the wings and the saucy taste of the Chicken was great. I loved this dish.

Trio Chicken Wings Meal: Whole Chicken wings grilled in a tangy peri peri sauce, served with French Fries, peri peri mayo and a house salad. These wings were non-saucy unlike BBQ wings, but the Peri-Peri taste could be felt while having it. The Peri-Peri mayo was really good along with the Fries, yet making this another good dish.

Classic Neapolitan Chicken pasta: Penne pasta in Tomato sauce. The best thing I liked about this pasta was that the chicken was very fulfilling as it had been shredded wonderfully. This helped the flavour of the sauce to be tasted in the chicken also. It’s very rare to see or have a Pasta like this, especially in Lucknow, where Chicken Chunks are generally used instead of shredded ones. Really Amazing!

One more thing, as this place is a Zomato Gold partner, you can get 1+1 on Food, if you are a Zomato Gold user (Like me!)

So make sure to use this Gold service


Food: 4/5 Ambience: 4/5 Service: 4/5 (it was nice!)


If you are a chicken lover, then this place is for you and it’s a must-visit! I would love to visit Barcelos more often from now on. But why? Well, just for their amazing Chicken Wings.

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