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Burger Factory, Goa

In Nerul, Goa.

For a family vacation, I visited Goa recently. Before reaching the place, I did plan out where I would be visiting for lunch or dinner. There are a lot of unique spots in Goa but as we had limited time there, I picked some places to have dinner.

One dinner spot was decided - Burger Factory in Nerul, Goa. Many of my friends suggested this place, so I had to try it out! My family visited Burger Factory on Monday evening & the place was almost crowded. The ambience was very cool and relaxing, plus it was raining at that time so it was really chill ✨

Here's what we ordered:

Beef Burger with Double Cheddar, Bacon & BBQ Sauce -

I had never tried a Beef Burger before. I always wanted to and here I finally got to taste it! This burger was huge. They served it by dividing the burger into 2 halves, so it is also easy to eat it. The taste was soooo good! Everything tasted fresh, the BBQ sauce was great & of course, the burger patty was fantastic. I really loved it.

This is a recommended one if you can have beef.

Chicken Burger with Onion & Tomato (Classic) -

You can't go wrong with a classic burger combo: Chicken patty with onion & tomato. A simple yet flavourful burger was totally enjoyable. Recommended for all Chicken lovers!

Chicken Burger with Brie, Cranberry Sauce & Fresh Mint -

This was ordered as an experimental option as I've never had Cranberry Sauce & Mint together in a burger. The taste was really good! I thought that it might taste somewhat similar to the classic chicken burger but I was wrong 😄

One note here: The burgers are really heavy and my stomach was full after having one half 😬

They were served along with Baked Chips & a dipping (garlic?) sauce. The dipping sauce was good though.

Fresh Lime Soda -

A simple lemon soda. It was perfect to have along with these heavy burgers!

TBFC's SCORE: 4.5/5

Definitely, a must-visit restaurant if you want to have the best burgers in town! 🍔


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