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Cafe Wink, New Delhi

Near Shreshtha Vihar, New Delhi.

When a good café (Zomato says so!) is near your house, it is mandatory to visit it! Came here with family for lunch. The ambience was simple but beautiful. After the renovation, it is now more spacious.

We got the menu and ordered Grilled Chicken, BBQ Chicken Bruschetta, Spaghetti Meat Balls along with Cold Coffee Frappe, Oreo Chocolate Shake & Minty Lemon Mojito.

Grilled Chicken: Herb marinated chicken breast lashed with brown sauce and served with assorted grilled veggies & homestyle garlic mashed potatoes. One of my favourite dishes I order every time when I see it on the menu. The one served was good too!

BBQ Chicken Bruschetta: Spicy Tikka marinated chicken baked & topped with mozzarella. This Bruschetta was yum! Recommended dish here.

Spaghetti Meat Balls: Homestyle fiery chicken meatballs tossed in Pomodoro sauce served with herbed spaghetti. The sauce with the spaghetti was good. The meatballs were ok, not in the way I like it.

Cold Coffee Frappe & Oreo Chocolate Shake were good and heavy on the tummy. Minty Lemon Mojito was perfect.


Food: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4/5


I would love to visit here again & again.

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