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Curry Me Up, Mumbai

At Chandivali, Mumbai.

Curry Me Up is a delivery kitchen operating in many locations in Mumbai. Nowadays, a lot of Delivery Only kitchens are opening up but it is very challenging to maintain the taste and quality of food being served. Curry Me Up has been doing this for a long time, so they know their game.

I decided to order from this joint for a family dinner. The delivery was punctual and every dish was hot and fresh. So, the dishes were-

Chicken Tikka Biryani: I’m a Biryani lover and I was very excited to have this one. Rice was slightly undercooked which made the otherwise good looking dish an average one.

Dal Makhani: Who doesn’t like Dal Makhani? The one served here was nice, rich, smooth and soft. You can’t afford to go wrong on this one.

Butter Chicken: I’ve eaten various variations of Butter Chicken at Delhi and Lucknow. This one wasn’t too bad or too good either, it just met the expectations.

Lucknowi Degi Gosht: Soft and succulent pieces of mutton in brown gravy. Certainly above average but not really a must-try kind of dish.

Schezwan Tandoori Lollipop: This one was an interesting starter. Except for little oily gravy, everything else is a delight for someone who loves his/ her chicken roasted and spicy.

Chicken Lasooni Tikka: One of the best starters I’ve ever had….. ! Outstanding stuff !!! Soft and juicy boneless chicken with that magical aroma of garlic, this one Dish alone can make you order food again and again from this joint. Amazing!!!

Rumali Roti, Mughlai Paratha and Butter Naan: Among the three, Mughlai Paratha was the best. Butter Naan and Rumali Roti were nice as well but these two are best when served immediately.

Gulab jamun: One of my favourite desserts. A great help in reaching the happy ending of our dinner.

I would rate this place 3/5.

But an additional 0.5 for that amazing Chicken Lasooni Tikka, hence;

TBFC's SCORE: 3.5/5

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