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Dum and Curry

At Powai, Mumbai.

I ordered few dishes from this newly opened restro in Powai. The food was delivered on time. Very nice packaging of food. We ordered Mutton biryani, Tikona Paratha, Lachcha Paratha, Malwani mutton, Mutton keema, Imli lemonade and Dhaba kheer.

Mutton keema was excellent. The right amount of spices with mild spicy flavour. Tikona Parathas were just like homemade. A perfect foil to the Keema.

Malwani mutton was another winner with the distinct coastal flavours of malwan region. Lachcha paratha was nicely soft and flaky.

Imli lemonade is an interesting accompaniment. Sour, sweet and tangy. Loved it!

Mutton biryani: It was nice but it was too spicy for my liking even though I like spicy food.

Dhaba kheer – Last but by no means least, was an absolute stunner. I am not a dessert person but this bowl of paradise…. yummm….. I can easily have two of them.


Food: 4.5/5 Packaging: 4/5 Delivery: 4/5 (on time)

TBFC's SCORE: 4.5/5

Overall, barring the biryani, the food was excellent in taste, look and quality. If they sustain this quality, then the future is full of ‘Dum’.

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