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Mirchi & Mime, Mumbai

At Powai, Mumbai.

It's Dussera time and I wanted to have lunch with my family at a new place in Powai. Well, there are so many restros here but one place which caught my eyes was, Mirchi and Mime. After such awesome reviews and a rating of 4.9 on Zomato, this place is a must-visit in Mumbai. So we booked the afternoon slot and visited one of the most awaited restro. The ambience was simple, which I loved and was spacious.

The most amazing thing which I really liked was about the staff working here. They were having speech and hearing impairment and we had to use different sign languages to interact with them. It was so cool! I really started to love this place. Now let’s move to the most important part of the review – Food!

Shakarkand Chaat: Seriously saying, I never had this chaat in my entire life before. It had Indian Sweet Potato and it tasted quite good and just exactly like a chaat tastes. This was new to me and I liked it.

Grilled Baby Potatoes: This was another great dish with baby potatoes filled with a small amount of cheese. Yum! As the potatoes were piping hot, they tasted really great.

Amritsari Fish Tikka: It was a Bassa fish with mustard along with some ajwain. The fish was so soft and tasted great. My love for fish grew more! Loved it.

Tandoori Quail: First time I was trying a quail and it was just like having a very small baby chicken. The taste was just ok.

Dahi Kofta: The Kofta was nice and soft but the gravy wasn’t up to the mark. My mother liked it a lot.

Cooker Wala Desi Kukkad: This was the dish of the day! After such a long time I had such a wonderful home-style cooked chicken in a restro. The chicken was soft, really tasty and the thin gravy was good too. The dish was so tasty that we had to go for another round of Parathas with it.

Sufiyani Chicken Biryani: I love Biryanis. I always try to order a biryani whenever I visit any Indian restaurant. This one was a bit different. I never had this type of biryani before and I really loved the taste. The chicken pieces were soft and tasted great. According to the menu, it was cooked with white spices and chicken thigh was used. Another wonderful dish of the day!

Now comes the Deserts. After having such amazing dishes, I had to try out their desserts too. So we ordered Sugar Free Sitaphal Pannacotta, Desi Cheese Cake and Coconut Creme Brulee. Each and every dessert was tasty, not so sweet but among these, I liked the Brulee very much.

A great experience here with good food, amazing staff and lots of love and care from the management.


Food: 4.5/5

Ambience: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

TBFC's SCORE: 4.5/5

I would really like to visit this place again and again, to try more new dishes. I’m glad to find out that this one lived up to its hype. Totally recommend this restro to everyone. Cheers!!!

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