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Momo Junction, Bhopal

At Ashima Mall, Hoshangabad Road, Bhopal.

My sudden momo craving brought me to the Food Court of Ashima Mall, Bhopal, which was near my house. Momo Junction was the place to be. As I was going through its menu, I saw various types of momos. I finally decided to order ‘Non-Veg Momo Platter‘ so that I can have multiple varieties of momos. The platter consisted of Steamed Momos, 2 types of Fried Momos & even a Sweet Chocolate Momo!

The steamed chicken momos were the best! These momos are my ‘anytime, anywhere snack’.

One of the Fried Momos had the same filling as the steamed one and the other fried momo had a Manchurian type filling.

The sweet Chocolate Momo had a filling of fried sooji which tasted like brownie after it was mixed with chocolate, and it was yum.

TBFC's SCORE: 3.5/5

A good place to have a variety of momos in Bhopal.

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