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Stories The Brew Chapter, Bangalore

At BTM, Bangalore

While I was still exploring the best eateries in the area, one fine Sunday I planned to visit Stories for Brunch. As this place is really close to my house, I had to give it a try. An amazing 4.9 rating on Zomato got me hyped up for this place.

Situated along the main road, Stories is easy to find. The big logo on its building is visible very clearly, even from far away. They have a parking space too.

The main dining space is placed on the top floor of the building. The ambience is lively & the place is huge. They have divided the whole dining space into two; one for non-smokers which is near the buffet spread & another for smokers which is near the main bar. As it was Sunday, we didn’t get any place in the non-smoker section and eventually had to be accommodated at the other part. There was mist spreading around the area to give a cool look and to bring down the smokey smell.

The brunch menu here had a variety of spreads. So, here’s what I had.


Virgin Mojito – The very classic and usual Mocktail. This Virgin Mojito served here was way too sour due to excess lemon. A little amount of soda was present and the whole glass was filled with grated ice.

White Horse – It was Litchi flavoured mocktail, served with a Rosemary stem on top. This mocktail was very impressive.


Bruschettas – I had two types of Chicken Bruschettas which were super delicious.

Well, as there were a huge variety of dishes available, I tried to taste most of them. Even those whose names I don’t remember. Pav Bhaji was good in taste as compared to the ones served in Bangalore. One thing I’ll confess is that Bangalore doesn’t have good Pav Bhajis available. Anyways, moving on to the next dish. I tried a local Grilled Fish here. I forgot the name but it was amazing! There was also an Open Egg Tart too.

After seeing a Pasta counter, I relished Chicken Arrabiata Penne pasta too. I mean, how could I miss it.

Now to the main course. As I had too many starters, I tasted only 4 items here. Chicken Dum Biryani, one Chicken curry & one Mutton curry with some Steamed Rice.

The Chicken was ok-ok but I really loved the Mutton Curry. Chicken Dum Biryani was good too.

A variety of Desserts were available too. I only tried small Chocolate Choux Pastry & Oreo Cheesecake. They both were really good. Also got the chance to have Jalebis and some Rabdi along with it.


Food: 4/5 Ambience: 4/5 Service: 4/5


An amazing place to visit with your friends and family to have a good time and good food.

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