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The Hazelnut Factory, Lucknow

Situated near IT College in Nirala Nagar, I wanted to visit this newly opened place as it was very hyped in social media recently. So, I visited this bakery along with my friends (Sanyam Ayush Srivastava, Rishabh Rathore) after our college got over.

THF can be found easily, as it is on the main road, just opposite Shri Ramakrishna Math temple. A small parking space is present for two-wheelers there and some for 4 wheelers as well.

The ambience of the place is good and will give you a vibe of French Bakeries. They served almost every bakery item you could think of. From various types of bread/ buns to numerous types of cakes, to some of the famous Indian sweets as well.

There are both types of seating areas available – Outdoor and Indoor, and we opted for Indoor seating as it was too hot outside.

We ordered Peri Peri Mushroom Pizza, Chocolate Cupcakes, Fresh Fruit Pastry along with Orange Lemonade, Cranberry Lemonade, Icy Blue & Kiwi Banana Honey Smoothie.

Chocolate Cupcakes: As I’m not a chocolate fan, still this cupcake managed to make me wanting for more! The cake was soft and the chocolate cream on the top was very smooth. I would recommend this to everyone.

Fresh Fruit Pastry: The only type of pastry I would like to have and as expected, the pastry was soft and light, though the fruits were not fresh. Kiwi, grapes and dragonfruit were used on top.

Due to this, the overall taste was just ok.

Peri-Peri Mushroom Pizza: If you are a Pizza freak and are going to visit this place, just make sure to stick with their bakery items. The pizza base was readymade and wasn’t soft at all, though it could be a chance that the base was made by them only.

The topping of Mushrooms was quite a good amount but you won’t be able to taste the Peri-Peri part of the Pizza. There wasn’t any Jalapeños or Spicy Paprika on the topping to make up for the Peri-Peri name.

Blueberry Cheesecake: I love Cheesecakes and Blueberries too, so it was mandatory for me to try out this Cheesecake. As good as this Cheesecake looked, it wasn’t any better when I tasted it. The cake was way too dense and I could taste only Milk-Powder in it. The Blueberry was the only thing in the whole dessert that actually tasted good. So make sure to remember, don’t judge anything by its looks. It can be amazing or worse (like this!)

Now for the drinks, Orange Lemonade & Cranberry Lemonade: As we wanted something cool to drink in the hot afternoon, we order these Lemonades. Both the lemonades were ok but nothing special. Icy Blue: Similar to Blue Lagoon mocktail, this drink was ok in terms of taste. Kiwi Banana Honey Smoothie: This drink was really bad since all the Kiwi syrup settled down making it taste like a banana smoothie. No honey flavour existed in it.

My main complaint would be regarding the attitude of the management and the service. This is a totally Self Service restro/ bakery. When we asked if they have put a tag number anywhere, they simply denied it, even though we saw the service was being provided to the female guests who were present in the outdoor seating.

Now about the management’s attitude.

We, Hotel Management students, are taught that the guests/ customers should be treated like God. But the management here thought otherwise. As soon as I took my ordered items from the counter and everyone started eating (we were 7 of us), we were asked to leave our tables in order to accommodate the ladies for their Kitty Party. They could be adjusted at someplace else or the restro should have reserved a table beforehand, making sure whenever they come, they are easily accommodated.

We felt discriminated, as the manager said that the table was already reserved. Now, here’s what mismanagement comes to play. We didn’t see any Reserved tag on the table when we all sat down and neither of them pointed this out initially. The most ridiculous part was when you ask a guest to leave while he/ she is enjoying the meal. Well, there is nothing good to say about this place when they don’t know how to handle their customers.


Food/ Drinks: 2/5 Ambience: 3/5 Service: It was self-service

TBFC's SCORE: 2.5/5

As the place is new, it can improve itself as fast as it can, especially the management part. Otherwise, if you love to have Bakery products, then this place can be your go-to bakery shop.

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