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The Masala Trail, New Delhi

At Janpath, New Delhi.

As my first experience here went well, I decided to bring my family for dinner. I ordered the following dishes and a few were really tasty and the rest were a bit off.

1 . Pav bhaji – On my first visit here, I really had loved this, so thought of ordering it this time. Honestly, it was not up to mark. The bhaji seemed so tasteless and I felt bad for hyping this particular dish in front of my family and it came out worthless.

2. Gini Dosa – This dish was pretty good and the best part was that it was topped with cheese. Packed with flavours and really a recommendation if you visit this place.

3. Gujrati Dabeli – A Tikki inside a bun with namkeen and peanuts will be a precise description. It was just okay in taste, not too good or too bad.

4. Plain Dosa – It was a simple dish and tasted generic, just like you find it everywhere in a decent restro.

5. Paneer Kathi roll – This dish was really salty and very moderate.

6. Veg Galaoti Kathi roll– This was really a great dish and I would recommend this as well.

Now the drinks that we ordered were Watermelon Cooler, Aam Panna, Jaljeera and Masala Thumbs Up.

Except for the Watermelon Cooler and Aam Panna, which were good, the other two were so disappointing. I'll never recommend this.

We had to wait so much to get our orders and really this place tested our patience.

Service was not slow, it was just we had to remind them and wait.

The ambience was good and the food was okay, but really would not be that excited to visit this place again.


Food: 3/5 Ambience: 4/5 Service: 2/5


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