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The Fisherman's Wharf, Goa

At Calangute, Goa.

Another Goan lunch with family was at this restaurant situated near our stay in Candolim. I wanted to have more local food which I haven't tried before and The Fisherman's Wharf had an amazing selection of Goan dishes, according to the reviews on Zomato.

So I and my family reached this place for lunch at around 2 PM. The ground floor, which had the bar was empty but the main restaurant seating on the first floor was a bit crowded. We easily found a seat though.

The server informed us that the menu is digitalised. She shared a QR Code and the restaurant's menu opened up in the browser. If you are not a tech-savy person, you can still request an in-hand menu.

This time we asked the server herself what she would like us to try out. I did tell her that we are here to have local dishes. So, here's what we finally ordered:

Chicken Cafreal:

Chicken marinated & cooked in 'cafreal' spices. This appetizer was nice. It definitely looked like Palak Chicken but when you taste it, it is another thing entirely. I really liked the flavour of the chicken, it was dense and a bit spicy.

Prawns Chilli Fry:

Prawns stir-fried with onions, green chillies and tomatoes. This was a really simple dish and it tasted so good! You can really taste the flavour of green chillies with the prawns but it wasn't too spicy. A must-order appetizer here, for sure.

Prawns Balchao:

Pawns cooked in Goa's authentic 'Balchao' gravy. Ok, I had already tasted this dish before so I knew what the taste would be like (and I love it). But for the ones who are trying this for the first time (like my parents), it is not something you've had before and might not like it straight away. The gravy is really thick, dense and has a 'pickle' type aroma. We had ordered steamed rice along with this and it tasted awesome! You'll get the idea from the picture I clicked 😁

Fish Curry Rice (Combo Meal):

Fish Vindaloo Curry served with steamed rice. The taste was good. I found it a bit sour to my liking, because of kokam in it.

Fresh Lime Soda & Cranberry and Kaffir Lime:

Both the drinks were nice. I would really suggest having a drink when eating such a heavy meal 😄


Another place that I would visit again for having great seafood dishes in Goa ✌🏼


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